Workshop 4: 21.06.2018, Romania

Workshop 4: 21.06.2018 Feedback sessions and transferability of the results between the trainer, the participants who participated in the transnational training program (LTTA Valencia) and the other representatives of the target group who could not be in Valencia

The reason of this workshop was to share with the rest of the team members a detailed report-back from Valencia, explaining the personal impact it had on them, especially knowing their colleagues from the partner’s countries, their culture, mentality, how to approach the problems, etc. The way they chose to do this knowledge and state transfer was to simulate games presented at LTTA Valencia, mixing the groups, in order to put the other representatives of the group, who could not be present in Valencia, in that state of “imaginary participants” at the sessions in Valencia.

Feedback was a positive one, the declarative decision of each of them was to continue in this thought-and-play game, as it would never have thought of doing. At the same time, an important feedback was that everyone is eager to start work on the platform to give them the real opportunity to continue to relate to other colleagues in other countries because, as more than one of the participants said, after that experience, that they feel they are richer, because they have more friends. Platform is thus extremely important to make this desiderate come true.