Aims to empower unemployed adults who have difficulties in finding a new employment because of the increasingly specialised skills required by the market. To this end, BRAVE will develop specific learning paths supporting adults to reconsider their life and expectations and to become aware of their own professional ambitions and objectives, as a way to reach their own personal fulfilment. The learning path will be focused both on personal and social skills and on entrepreneurial skills, finalized to the prototyping of participants’ business models. The project will provide skills at every level tailored on the new requisites demanded (basic, transversal & soft skills, entrepreneurial, foreign language & digital skills).

BRAVE empowers & motivates unemployed adults at risk of exclusion to raise their potentials & make them aware of their powers for the social good, for their personal growth & positioning in society. This will be done through an innovative journey passing by self-development, creative thinking & exploration of own possibilities & potentials.

Increased participants self-confidence, awareness, proactiveness and satisfaction towards one’s own future, wishes and opportunities, that will reflect also on their families’ quality of life; increased social and communication skills, assertiveness; enhanced ICT/English language skills and digital competences; increased self-entrepreneurship, employability, courage to take challenges and confront with peers from other countries; new knowledge on business creation and development.


1 week ago


The Italian BRAVE LOCAL GROUP met again on the 15th of April for working on the updating of the crowdsourcing platform! Stay tuned!! 🤩
#erasmusplus #training #unemployment #entrepreneurship FyG Consultores CARDET KMOP Zenit FormazioneIeri, 15 aprile 2019, il BRAVE LOCAL GROUP italiano si è nuovamente incontrato per aggiornarsi dopo l'esperienza della formazione transnazionale di Modena e per lavorare ulteriormente sui propri profili inseriti nella Crowdsourcing platform, per favorire il confronto tra i partecipanti del progetto e oltre. A presto con nuovi aggiornamenti!
BRAVE InEuropa - Finanziamenti Europei #InEuropa_UE #BRAVEproject #iliketobebrave #erasmusplus #Modena #crowdsourcingplatform #empowerment #creatività #employability
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2 months ago


Today finished the 5 days LTTA session hosted in Modena (IT)!
The participants continued working on the crowdsourcing platform by creating their business models and then presented them to the others. It was a fantastic and fruitful week, especially thanks to the peer to peer among the participants that exchanged ideas, suggestions and recommendations 👏
#iliketobebrave #erasmusplus #empowerment #entrepreneurship #training #businessmodels #unemployment InEuropa - Finanziamenti Europei KMOP FyG Consultores CARDET Zenit Formazione Anpcdefp
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  1. BRAVE Innovative training programme PHASE 1 – Unemployed adults' personal empowerment
  2. BRAVE Innovative training programme PHASE 2 – Business model prototyping
  3. Crowd sourcing platform to gain insights on business models
  4. Publishing of MOOC 4.0 for increasing unemployed adults' skills and competencies