Workshop 3: 20.06.2018, Romania

Workshop 3: 20.06.2018 Feedback sessions of the results between the trainer and the member of the target group who participated in the transnational training program (LTTA Valencia)

This meeting was the perfect opportunity for the group of 5 who participated in the LTTA Valencia, and the trainer Marina Dantis, to meet, listen and share the impression of the transnational training in Valencia, what impact did he have on them, how their status changed following this formative itinerary. Each of them express itself the emotions, the good feeling they had about this experience and, in the end, the conclusion was unique: they really liked meeting other people from other countries, the exchange of good practices, the new information acquired, role playing methodologies – practicing the real situation of activation, decision-making, creation and the decision is they want to continue to be part of this story, attractive and rewarding.