Workshop 2: June 4-8th, 2018, Romania

Workshop 2: June 4-8th, 2018 – Innovative local training sessions, preliminary preparation as a preamble to the LTTA Valencia

The purpose of organizing this innovative training session was to provide to participants support in finding a career path, to establish and develop specific learning paths for them, to help them reconsider their lives and their expectations and to understand their own professional goals and ambitions as a way to reach to their motivation and personal fulfillment.

In order to facilitate the personal motivation of the participants, the training program included 4 main topics: Know yourself, My contribution to the social good, Discover your personal entrepreneurial skills, The first portfolio of business ideas. Each of the specific topics listed has been debated in a dedicated module.

By implementing the 4 modules, the participants were able to get to know each other, to recognize and present their individual added value and a team in which they can activate and identify their expectations, desires, options, have managed to get to know each other better skills, identify and present the entrepreneur profile and the business idea they are determined to develop in order to develop and fulfill their professional lives.

The motivation process for personal development is completed and is judged to have had a relevant and positive impact on the participants in the training session who were guided and practiced innovative ways of getting in touch again with their desires, expectations and life plans.