Workshop 1: March 12th, 2018, Romania

Workshop 1: March 12th, 2018 – Additional workshop Bucharest, Romania

The workshop, held in Bucharest, had as principal objective pre-screen the training program on a small group of adults – considering the profile of the target group – to adapt the training program as much as possible to the actual needs of the the unemployed adults, our future target group and in the other hand to determine which elements of the program must be adjusted in the perspective of delivering it to a larger group (preliminary local training in each participating country, LTTA Valencia and LTTA Modena). Innovative methodologies such as Lego Serious play, creative thinking, Hero‘sJourney, etc were tested during the workshop  The first 5 persons selected for the Brave project attended  the workshop. With the occasion, the participants had the opportunity to learn things and about themselves from another perspective, like open-minded thinking, creativity, decision making, etc. They really enjoyed and 3 of them decided to join the project.