April 2018 – October 2018, Romania

Continuing personal development through training courses and volunteer actions

April 2018 – October 2018

The interest of the members of the Local Group BRAVE Romania to act for their good and their success, so that they can be fulfilled personally and professionally, has materialized in their desire to take courses in the field of entrepreneurship (4 participants: Andrei, Marius, Petrica and Alina), training courses (1 participant: Dana), training courses in commerce (4 participants: Marius, Ionela, Petruta si Ionica), training courses in the field of massage (1 participant: Andrei), trainings in the field of taxi transport management (1 participant: Andrei) and stylist nail courses (1 participant: Madalina), volunteer project (1 participant: Oana, who promotes, informs young people about the benefits of the non-formal or informal training or certification programs.