On 5-6th of February, the first workshop in Valencia was organised. BRAVE partners from Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania came to Valencia, Spain to test the first part of BRAVE training methodology. FyG – BRAVE partners from Valencia organised the event in their premises by inviting the BRAVE local group, made of 6 participants, to the 2-day event.

It might be strange for some that participants straight away got practical exercises as a new experience. No PowerPoint presentations were given. Only after first day sessions, they got some explanation about why this workshop is important for the BRAVE project and what are further activities of the project. By using Legos as the representation of their own thoughts, participants felt more confident and willing to share their thoughts and ideas on the topics dealt with.

Some participants felt that they would express their feelings and ideas correctly using their national language so in some parts they talked in Spanish language as most of the participating partners and all participants understand it.

During the second day, all participants got a chance to evaluate workshop by using an innovative tool – Mentimeter. Everyone agreed that this workshop was a useful and great experience. All of the participants liked the way workshop was organised – they agreed that having no PowerPoint makes it more interactive.

It was a great beginning of BRAVE journey again to meet Valencia during the LTTA with participants from other countries.