The search for BRAVE participants in Spain was carried out through multiple channels, looking to reach as many people inside the target group of the project as possible. The open call was sent out online by FYG and some of its stakeholders; but also, the unemployment office of Valencia and several private organisations and NGOs from the city were contacted and collaborated to reach the highest number of people inside the target group of the project. Another interesting fact inside this open call was the importance of word-of-mouth. The first selection process carried out by FYG ended up with a final selection of 6 participants; however, once those participants had their first contact with the project and really understood its possibilities, they started to share it through their contacts, bringing with them 3 new participants until now.

Communication ever since has been done mainly through emails and telephone calls. Additionally, there have been face-to-face workshops carried out in FYG’s premises, in which each participant has shown willingness to learn more, but also their unique features that will make them succeed. And yet another important element, it was seen in each workshop how all of them were willing not only to learn themselves but also to help the rest of the group in anything they could, from sharing their own knowledge to solve situations to foment the group self-esteem, encouraging others to realise their strong points.


Workshop 1: February 5th and 6th, 2018

The first workshop carried out by the BRAVE participants of Spain was set up on February 5th and 6th, and it was especially interesting as it counted with the participation of BRAVE partners from Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania. During the activity, participants learned how everyone is especial and has a special superpower that should be discovered as soon as possible. Also, it was seen how playing with Lego is not only about fun, but also helps improve creativity, open-minded way of thinking and looking at each aspect from other perspectives.

Workshop 2: April 26th, 2018

In April 26th, the second workshop was carried out, and participants worked on the Maslow Pyramid, SMART method and positive thinking. Through a series of activities, participants were able to find and understand their own strengths and in which areas they could trust themselves and benefit from a positive attitude. During the workshop, it was possible to see how participants evolved, beginning with a hesitant look and finishing with clearer ideas and intentions. It was interesting seeing participants being eager to participate in activities and explain themselves, showing their intention of learning and improving through the BRAVE project.

Workshop 3: May 23rd, 2018

The third workshop in Spain was a preamble to the LTTA that would take place in June. Participants were explained the main reason behind the LTTA, how it would work and the main topics that would be discussed along the week. It was exciting to see how participants were eager to know more, and especially happy to receive their team partners from the rest of the countries working in the project, as they thought it would be highly beneficial in their learning road to learn people from other cultures and see how they are working through the BRAVE project.