Fundatia Dezvoltare in Europa (FDE) Romania, through the Employment Agency of Vrancea – Focsani, based on the collaboration protocol between the two organizations, starting with the third month of implementation of the project, developed an information campaign, in order to facilitate and ensure the selection process of the target group, pointing people from the category of adult unemployed, especially from the less developed regions of Romania.

The strategy implemented in Romania by Fundatia Dezvoltare in Europa, within the information and promotion campaign, pointed the communication of its experts with different actors and local entities, with people belonging to the adult unemployed category addressed to the Brave project, using various ways of communication (direct, personal contacts, posting in visible places at AJOFM Vrancea headquarters, etc.)

The opportunities that the Brave project is creating for the target group were promoted, meaning support and help to reconsider their lives and expectations, to understand their own personal goals and ambitions, to act for their own good and success so that they can be fulfilled personally and professionally by developing specific learning paths innovative.

Also, during the information and promotion campaign, it was insisted that the activities in which the selected persons will be involved in the project, will allow and facilitate them the communication, exchange of information and good practices at local level, but also with the groups from the other partner countries in the project, understanding and practicing techniques, methods and practices, thus giving them the opportunity to shape their personal business ideas, to base and develop a business model and to identify the best and

The Brave Romania local group was selected from the South East Region, Vrancea County and consists of people who meet the eligibility conditions and who have decided to access the opportunities created by the Brave project.

Among those excited about the innovative journey that can drive with Brave support are:

Andrei wants to set up a massage salon, being a masseur with a few years of experience. He intends to provide quality services tailored to each client’s actual needs and wants to complete the package of services and products specific to the massage and / or therapist. Wishes to raise the quality of service to the level of “art of massage”.

Dana wants to create a network of document translators as well as literature in / from English. She wants to attract to the network of translators and pupils in pre-university education, her idea being highly appreciated and considered by social impact. Dana wants her network to translate for anyone, from any distance, using the most varied and fast ways of communication.

Oana wants to open a store of materials for organizing events and also to organize events, especially for children. He wants to provide quality services tailored to the real needs of each category of potential clients, children and adults.

Petrica wishes to perform funeral services. He wants to address especially a segment of potential rural clients. He intends to complete his package of services by subcontracting with operators who provide services related to funerary events. His idea is appreciated and considered to have good social impact.

Marius, a car mechanic, worked for a few years in Italy, in the field, he returned to the country determined to open a car paint shop. The BRAVE project is an opportunity for him to realize his dream.

Alina is a graduate of the theater and wants to form a theater group with whom to organize performances in the country and in the world, Ionela dreams to open a manicure and hairstyle,

Petruta and Ionica want to dry herbs, wrapping and distributing them through the natural cork network, and Madalina, a veterinary graduate, wants to develop a business in agriculture, produce vegetables in the sun and distribute