The 1st meeting was held on 20/4 in KMOP office, where the participants were called in order to get acquainted with the project’s scope and methodology and make sure that this was something that could appeal to their interest and needs. They were given enough time to ask their questions and were reassured that they will be given space for input in the design and format of the subsequent meetings according to their needs. All but 2 of the initial recruits continued to attend future meetings.

The 2nd meeting took place on 2/5 in KMOP’s Ariadne day centre, in a spacious room available for open meetings. The meeting was focused on opening up the participants: After a warm-up and meeting exercise, there was enough space for discussion and an update of the participants’ personal pursuits. The main part of the meeting consisted of ‘piloting’ the ‘Reflect methodology’ as an introduction to emotional intelligence. Through role-playing, the participants had to opportunity to act out some professional moments and interactions with peers and colleagues and tested their skills in ‘getting in other peoples’ shoes’. This was a particularly enjoyable experience and fine-tuned the exercise so it could be played out again in the context of the LTTA in Valencia.

The 3rd meeting was held again in Ariadne Centre on 25/5: There was enough time for a round of update about participants personal and professional situation (new activities and developments from ongoing endeavors). The team members have been given some online personality tests as a ‘homework’ and we discussed on their results. For the main part, we replicated the material that was shared by the Spanish team with the ‘Be BRAVE’ and the Introduction to SMART objectives.

The 4th meeting took place on 22/6/2018 in the Serafio Building in the centre of Athens right after 5 of the participants had returned from the LTTA in Valencia. There was time to share with the rest of the team members a detailed report-back from Valencia explaining the personal impact it had on them and the things that impressed them. Moreover, in the second half of the meeting, the participants had the chance to attend an event with inspirational speeches from entrepreneur women and organisations that offer help for employment and self-employment that took place in the same venue. Finally, the participants gave input in order to plan the next steps:

The 5th meeting is being organized for the beginning of September where some of the team members will self-organise the session with 30 minute slots where they can present interesting business ideas and team exercises.