In Italy, with particular reference to the area of Modena and Bologna, we started to recruit people for the BRAVE LOCAL GROUP by February 2018, especially through: personal contacts, posts on InEuropa and Zenit social media pages and websites, mailing lists.

From February to June, we had about 40 demonstrations of interest and 15 of them actively participated in the workshop and local meetings organized at Zenit in Formigine. They all correspond to the target group that we identified as the most suitable, also following the indications from the Application: people from 30 to 60 years old, unemployed or not having a fix job, that are willing to change something in their lives, from the personal and professional point of view.

The first meeting with them was the workshop organized at Zenit on the 17th and 18th April. On this occasion, they had the opportunity to know some of the BRAVE partners and to test the training programme with innovative methodologies such as Lego Serious Play, Creative Thinking, Hero’s Journey etc.

Then, we met them again on the 9th and 21st of May: in these meetings, we set up some workshops about setting one’s own objectives, which are the best strategies to be used at this purpose and revising the Hero’s Journey.

On the 4th of June, the 5 people selected for attending the LTTA in Valencia had a technical meeting about the organization of logistical aspects linked to the mobility.

After the LTTA in Valencia, we met them again on the 25th of June to follow up the transnational experience and collect their feedbacks, expectations for the future and then they met separately other 3 times in June-July for creating a video about the experience of Valencia and sharing it with the other participants that didn’t have the opportunity to join them. The video was also uploaded on Slack, a tool that they are all using for internal communication, in addition to a WhatsApp group.

The last meeting before the summer break is foreseen for the 24th of July, it will be a virtual meeting, to allow all the people that are already in other parts of Italy to be able to join the meeting and we will discuss the BRAVE next steps and appointments.