Social Innovation Fund using experience from other projects collected more than 10 persons for the first meeting in a local group of Brave participants in Lithuania. Some of the participants were reached through the network of NGO organizations and Labor Exchange Office others were participants in previous projects. Invitation with short information about the project was sent through SIF network.

All meeting took place in SIF premises.

The first meeting was more about describing the project itself and the goals of it. Participants not only got familiar with BRAVE project, but also with each other.

Second meeting with participants was dedicated for the invitation for LTTA in Valencia. Most of them got interested, but due to personal reasons, not everyone had a possibility to spend one week abroad. 7 were chosen as potential participants in LTTA.

Later with 5 of them, a third meeting was organized, just before LTTA in Valencia. Mostly t was dedicated to explain technical aspects and answer questions regards the Agenda. For some, it was the first travel abroad so they were keen on it.

In Lithuania BRAVE local group communication was mainly maintained through emails and personal calls when a faster response was needed (mainly before LTTA in Valencia). Participants were not so familiar with SLACK program and need the additional meeting that is planned for training how to use SLACK. The issue is that not everyone uses the smartphone.

One of the nice experience that we had in Lithuania with the local BRAVE group is that some of the participants knew each other from previous projects and were happy to join forces again in group work activities.