The training course addressed to unemployed people managed by InEuropa in the framework of the BRAVE project, was implemented and tested in Modena at ZENIT FORMAZIONE.

BRAVE is a project, funded under the Erasmus + program, aimed at the creation and testing of a training course aimed at adults without employment and aimed at strengthening first of all awareness of their skills and their strengths, to then be able to work on the own professional profile through the development of new business models for the re-definition of one's own working scenario - development of new business ideas and / or one's own occupational positioning.

The training course was organized on the 17th and 18th April 2018 with the participation of 10 unemployed people aged 30 – 55 years old, living in the area between Modena and Bologna and with the participation of 2 of the international partner organizations, Prime Holland (NL) and FYG Consultores (ES).

In order to deliver the LTTA in Valencia (ES) foreseen for June 2018 and the O1 BRAVE training programme PHASE 1 aimed at empowering unemployed people from the personal perspective, we are testing the training methodologies, to define the most effective and appropriate for this specific project. The training organized in Modena was the last testing, after the workshop in Valencia (February 2018) and Bucharest (March 2018) and before the LTTA in Valencia (June 2018), that will be occasion for implementing the training programme with a wide group representing the BRAVE LOCAL GROUPS.

During the workshop organized in Modena, some of the innovative training methodologies that are the protagonists of BRAVE, were applied, thanks to the participation of qualified trainers and some of the project's European partners.

The BRAVE training programme will then go on also at the local level in the 6 countries involved and will consist of monthly meetings where experts will accompany the individuals in the group to identify and structure their professional profile.