On June 11, fifty estrangers got together in Valencia to participate in the BRAVE first LTTA. At the end of the week, by the 15th, we can proudly say that most of us ended up as friends.

From FyG’s side, and as organizer of the event, we can only praise the attitude of all the participants; despite the hot weather, all of them remained interested and participative during the whole training. Special thanks to those who overcame personal limitations in order to complete the activities, we noticed your effort and we are glad to have had the opportunity to meet you all.

Furthermore, all the trainers and their respective organizations showed professionality and knowledge in the different fields, and we are really pleased the participants had the opportunity to learn from them. It’s been amazing how organizations from such different countries like Italy, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Spain have been able to work and coordinate in such effective ways, thanks to a good use of the communication channels available.

We found all the activities, in their own respective ways, innovative and original; a different way of transmitting knowledge that will surely last longer than a conventional class. From the Hero's Journey to the Business Model You, we hope all of the participants got to know themselves a little better in preparation for the LTTA in Modena. It was truly a week full of emotions and introspection.

Also, from our side, we perceived an open and communicative environment that surely allowed free flow of information amongst the participants, opening doors to networking relations and sharing of previous experiences. All of our team felt glad to solve any doubt about the training participants could have, and we encourage them to keep it that way for the future of the project; asking and sharing is one of the greatest ways to personal growth.

We also want to thank Femeval (Federación Empresarial Metalúrgica Valenciana) for their assistance and offer of a place to conduct the training, and their constant help in any logistic troubles we had, solving them in a fast and effective manner.

As mentioned before, we found ourselves surrounded by people, that ended up being friends. We hope everyone had a great stay here in Valencia, a great experience during the training, and met unforgettable people, as we surely did.  Looking now forward to see you all again in Modena for our next transnational training. We have a few things planned for this one.